Talk about a prize you want to win | Latest IELTS speaking topic

Talk about a prize you want to win.

You should say:

What prize it is?

How do you know about it?

What will you do to win it?

Why do you want to win?


Sample answer of Talk about a prize you want to win:

-By getting prizes, everyone gets encouraged to perform better.

-It boosts the confidence of the performer because it shows that a person's achievement is appreciated.

-I have also won some prizes in the form of trophies and medals in my school as well as college, but there is one prize which I really want to win.

-There is a collage making competition which is going to held in my city in the month of November.

-Many participants from different places will come for this competition. The best part is the winner will get the Rs 40,000 cash prize.

-I am lucky that this huge contest is going to held in my city.

-As I have BRILLIANT ARTISTIC skills, I really want to take part in that event to win a huge cash prize.

-The winning prize includes a huge amount that I can use in many ways.

-Actually, I face many OBSTACLES in my work. So, I am planning to buy a laptop to save my time and increase my PRODUCTIVITY, but it will COST ME AN ARM AND A LEG to buy it.

-Moreover, my parents have also refused to buy me a new laptop because they think that I will not focus on my studies if I spend most of my time on the laptop.

-They do not know that I can save my all notes in that laptop. In addition to this, I can carry it anywhere I want.

-If all the important documents will be on my laptop, it will be beneficial for me.

-However, it is very difficult to TALK THEM AROUND. That's why I want to win that prize.

-Apart from this, after buying the laptop, I will give the remaining money to my parents so that they can use it in the best possible way and feel proud of me.


-I am eagerly waiting for that competition. I hope to win that prize.

Vocab and idioms used in this topic are:

Boost – Increase

Obstacles – Difficulties

Productivity – Efficiency

Cost me an arm and a leg – Expensive

Talk them around – Convince them

Kill two birds with one stone – To het two benefits by doing a single thing 

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