Describe an old friend you got in contact with again | Latest IELTS speaking topic.

Describe an old friend you got in contact with again.

You should say:

Who he or she is.
What he or she is like
How you got in contact
And explain how you felt about it.


Sample answer of Describe an old friend you got in contact with again:

-In today’s technological era it is a PIECE OF CAKE to have a talk with others regardless of distance.

-People can talk with each other by doing a video call from their home.

-I have a lot of friends and I always try to be in touch with them despite having a very hectic schedule.

-Sometimes I pay a surprise visit to my friends and sometimes they also AMAZE me with their surprise visit.

-I vividly remember a couple of months ago I experienced such a situation when my old friend visited my house.

-He was my classmate. His name is Vivek we studied at the same school.

-After getting senior secondary education he made up his mind to pursue his further education in a foreign university.

-So he migrated/moved to Canada, and unfortunately, we both lost our touch.

-Last summer, he returned to India to attend his cousin’s marriage and he made a plan to surprise me by visiting me.

-I was OVER THE MOON when he came to my house.

-Seeing him again after a long time left me totally flabbergasted.

-I warmly welcomed him to my house.

-We chatted with each other for nearly 2 hours and recalled many of our childhood memories.

-He told me about his education experience in Canada and I was shocked when he told me that he did a part-time job while studying in Canada.

-Moreover, my mother has a DAB HAND in cooking and Vivek loves ‘Khir’ made by my mother and my mother made fresh ‘khir’ for him.

-Apart from this, we went to the renowned shopping mall in our city which is STONE’S THROW AWAY from my house.

-We did a lot of shopping and I bought a stylish jacket for him which made him emotional.

-Lastly, we went to a café where we used to sit when we were a child and enjoyed hot coffee.

-We had TIME OF OUR LIVES that day.

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