Describe an energetic person you know | Latest IELTS speaking topic.

Describe an energetic person you know.

You should say:

Who this person is.
How you know person
And why you think that person is energetic.
And explain how you feel about this person. 


Sample answer of Describe an energetic person you know:

-It is undeniable that a healthy lifestyle is indeed very essential for everyone.

-Many individuals are health conscious these days as they know how much it is important to maintain their body.

-I have met many people, some of them were not good at maintaining body whereas others were AS FIT AS FIDDLE.

-Anyway, today I am going to tell you about an energetic person whom I know.

-This person is Mr. Patel. He is my grandfather’s friend.

-Mr. Patel is 65 years old, but no one is ready to believe that he is 65 years old as he has stamina and energy like a 25-year-old adult.

-I met him for the first time 4 month ago when my grandfather invited him for the dinner at our home.

-Actually, my mother has A DAB HAND at cooking and everyone praises delicious dishes made by her

-when my grandfather praised my mother’s CULINARY SKILLS in front of him he became curious to taste dishes made by my mother so my grandfather invited him for the dinner and since then I know him personally.

-Actually, Mr. Patel is a retired, Indian army officer. He has served the Indian Army for 40 years.

-Being an army officer he had maintained a very good physique and ever after taking retirement he has maintained the same physique.

-Moreover, he wakes up at the CRACK OF DOWN every morning and does exercise for 2 hours.

-After getting ready, he goes to the Army training academy where he provides coaching to adults who want to join the Army.

-In the evening, he provides a yoga lesson to people without taking any fees as he believes everyone should do yoga to maintain mental as well as physical health.

-Even after doing all these activities during a day he never gets tired and he plays some outdoor games like Volleyball and Kabaddi with others.

-There are the reasons why I consider him an energetic person.

-He is a very inspiring person and youngsters should consider him as their roll model.

-I also got inspired by him and I started doing exercise every morning to be as energetic as him.

Vocab and idioms used in this cue-card are:

As fit as fiddle - a very healthy person

A Dab Hand – a person who is an expert at a particular activity.

Crack of down – early morning 

Culinary skills – cooking skills

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