Describe an ambition that you have for a long time | Latest IELTS speaking topic.

Describe an ambition that you have for a long time.

You should say:

What it is

What you did for it

When can you achieve it

And explain why you have this ambition


Sample answer of Describe an ambition that you have for a long time:

-Everyone should have some ambition/goal in their life in order to improve themself.

-Without any ambition our life can become dull and our growth may come to standstill.

-I do have a lot of ambitions in my life. I have completed some of them by working hard.

-However, there are some ambitions which I had for a long time but haven’t achieved till now.

-One such ambition is to be able to communicate in French.

-I just thought about this idea a year ago because I realized that nowadays, knowing more foreign languages is an advantage not only in our daily lives but also in work environments.

-In order to achieve this, I enrolled in a French learning academy which is a stone’s throw away from my house.

-I also downloaded an application on my smartphone which helps people study foreign languages, so that I can study on my own at home.

-For the first two months, I did not skip any classes and spent at least 30 minutes every night studying French at home.

-Unfortunately, I could not keep up with the schedule for long since I was in my last year of graduation and had to complete many assignments and projects.

-Moreover, I had many other social activities that distracted me from studying.

-There were days when I was so busy that had to study the whole day in order to complete assignments.

-As a result, I wasn't able to go to class and I definitely didn't have any time to study French.

-Moreover, my friends complained that I had been ignoring them, so I needed to arrange a time to hang out with them.

-Just like that, I gradually lost my ambition to study French and until now.

-I will definitely complete this ambition once I get enough time.


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