Describe a time when you forgot something important | Latest IELTS speaking topic.

Describe a time when you forgot something important.

You should say: 

When it happened

What you forgot

What was the result of your forgetting

Why it was important

Sample answer of Describe a time when you forgot something important:

-In today’s contemporary era, everybody follows a hectic schedule and always runs out of time.

-In the quest of satisfying material desire, sometimes, people forget some crucial things and consequently, they land in trouble.

-Being very retentive, there are very few incidents when I forgot something important.

-Here, I would like to talk about a time when I was rebuked by my parents against something I had forgotten.

-I vividly remember it was in the month of April last year. I was traveling to my paternal parents’ home.

-I was very excited to spend my vacation at my paternal uncle’s house.

-I had to carry a piece of gold jewelry which belonged to my paternal grandmother and I had to deliver her safely as my grandmother had to wear that jewelry on their 70th marriage anniversary.

-I was over the moon to meet my childhood friend at my paternal parent’s home, so I forgot to take that piece of jewelry with me.

-When I was half the way, I remembered it. I was scared so I decided to rush down to the train to go back home.

-The distance between home and where I was going was 70 miles.

I knew that my parents would come in the evening from the office and I had to rush before they arrive.

-Unfortunately, when I reached home, they were at home. I was totally shocked, and they were too.

-They asked me the reason why I did that, and then I described it all.

-My mother started scolding me for this mistake while my father was a little worried about any kind of mishappening.

-I was down in the dumps and felt ashamed for my self.

-This session went on for half an hour, and I was set free after verbal torture.

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