Describe a time when you first talked in a foreign language | Latest IELTS speaing topic.

Describe a time when you first talked in a foreign language or Describe the first time that you used foreign language to communicate.

You should say:

Where were you

Who you were with

What did you talk about

And explain how you felt about it


Sample answer of Describe a time when you first talked in a foreign language: 

-Language is not just a medium of communication, it is an identity of people who speak it. Every language represents a culture of people associated with that language.

-Different language has its own importance in their own way.

-But, the language which achieved great importance since the last two or three decades is the English language. In fact, English is considered as a global language.

-Since I am born and bought up in Gujarat, my mother tongue is Gujarati but I can speak Hindi and English language as well.

-When I was in senior secondary, I was very good at the English subject but I always hesitated to communicate in English with others.

-Here, I would like to share my old memory with you when I used a foreign language for the first time to communicate with others.

-This incident took place four years ago when my cousin Vivek and his friend jack had come to India for vacation and stayed at our home.

-Vivek knows Gujarati so I was able to communicate with him, but Jack didn’t know our local language so he wasn’t able to understand what I was talking about.

-Jack was struggling to speak in Gujarati so I tried to communicate with him in English.

-So, that was the first time when I talked with someone in the English language.

-Initially, I felt a little nervous because I had never done this before, but Jack was so kind that he praised my efforts to communicate in English with him.

-Within two days, all my fear of speaking English gone away and I was able to communicate with jack confidently in English.

-Moreover, I had also learned some new English words and idioms from jack.

-Since then I am able to speak in English without any fear.

-English is a very simple language. With continuous practice anyone can learn this language.

-I am thankful to jack because I would not have learned English, if jack hadn’t motivated me to speak in English.

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