Describe a film or movie that made you laugh | Latest IELTS speaking topic.

Describe a film or movie that made you laugh.

You should say:

What is the name of this movie?

when did you watch it?

Who you watched it with

why it made you laugh?


Sample answer of Describe a film or movie that made you laugh :

-Well, there are a variety of movies and TV shows that are broadcasting on Television through many channels.

-Some shows or films are funny which make you laugh but some are another type of shows or movies such as motivational and educational.

-But here I would like to talk about a film named “Phir Hera Pheri ” which made me laugh a lot.

-Even though it was released in 2002, last Sunday I got a chance to watch this movie on television.

-Actually last Sunday, neither my internet connection was working nor I had any important things to do. So, out of boredom, I decided to watch this movie on television with my family.

-Coming to the movie, it has 3 main characters namely Raju, Shyam and babu bhaiya.

-They all were already rich but wanted to become more reach so they invested 50 crore rupees in a company called Anuradha chit fund.

-That investment company claimed to double their investment in 21 days.

-But, after 21 days when they went to their office, there was no such company available and they realized that they have become a victim of fraud.

-The story evolves around these three, who, because of the greed of doubling there money get trapped and land in serious troubles.

Apart from this, it is an epic with numerous rib-tickling moments that make one laugh until his sides aches.

-Moreover, the comic timing and dialogue delivery both are astounding and outstanding.

-The climax of this movie is hilarious and I vividly remember we all had a belly laugh after watching it.

-Watching this movie with my family gives me immense pleasure and it rejuvenates me.

-It is the best comedy movie of the Bollywood till date. I think everyone should watch it once.


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