Describe a time when you met someone for the first time | Recent IELTS speaking topic.

Recent IELTS speaking topic:

Describe a time when you met someone for the first time.

You should say:

-Who was it?

- Where did you met?

- When was it?

- How was your experience?


Vocab and idioms used in this IELTS speaking topic are:

- Extrovert - socializer

- Generous – kind

-DAB HAND – a person who is an expert at a particular activity.

- Astonished - surprised 

- Attire - clothe

- Greeted - said hello or welcome 

- Amiable- friendly

- Delicious - tasty 

- As fit as a fiddle - healthy and strong

Sample answer:

-Being an extrovert, I love to meet new people and make them my friend.

-I have a PLETHORA of friends who are really close to my heart.

-Here, I would like to talk about a person whom I met for the first time and got attached to him.

-That person is Mr. Patel. He is my father’s friend.

-Actually, my mother has a DAB HAND in cooking and everyone praises delicious dishes made by her.

-When my father praised my mother’s culinary skills in front of Mr.Patel he became curious to taste delicious dishes made by my mother.

-So, my father invited him for dinner at our house.

-That time I met him for the first time. I was impressed by his attire he was looking cool in his traditional attire.

-When I greeted him for the first time he replied very politely and I liked his AMIABLE nature.

-After having dinner together, we started talking with each other.

-When I asked him about his career, he told me that he had served the Indian army for 40 years and currently provides free tuition classes to poor children in our society.

-He has also hired some people who help him in teaching poor kids.

-Apart from this, even in the age of 70s he was AS FIT AS FIDDLE. When I asked him about the secret behind his fitness then he replied that he never eats junk food and always prefers healthy home-made food.

-He also shared that he used to do some exercise every morning which helps him in being energetic for the entire day.

-Besides this, I was astonished when he told me that he had visited 12 different nations and know 6 different languages.

-He is such a multi-talented personality.

-I want to be like him when I grow old. He is an admirable person.

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