Describe someone or something that made a lot of noise | Recent IELTS speaking topic.

Recent IELTS speaking topic:

Describe someone or something that made a lot of noise.

You should say:

-Who or what made the noise

-What the noise was like

-What you did when you heard the noise

-And explain how you felt about it


Sample answer:

-I once lived in a studio-type apartment that’s incredibly cheap back when I was still working in the city during my first few months of employment as a Civil engineer.

-That apartment building has four units and I occupied one of the two units on the first floor.

-Because it was just a tiny apartment, EVERY NOW AND THEN, I could hear my next-door neighbor's footsteps, voices, telephone calls, and music.

-However, those were bearable since they weren't loud - they're just low-frequency noises and I got used to hearing them.

-Anyway, when one of the units was vacated on the second floor, the landlord decided to renovate it.

-I was actually informed in advance about their one-day renovation but I just didn’t say any comment about it since it’s the LEAST OF MY WORRIES.

-LITTLE DID I KNOW that it would ruin my day. So during the day of their construction work, I was surprisingly awakened by the noise upstairs.

-I could hear CLANKING and welding noise from my unit. I was really irritated because the day before the renovation, I had a swing shift so I came back to my apartment around midnight and I HIT THE HAY at around 2AM.

-You could imagine how mad I was when my sleep was interrupted.

-Actually, I usually woke up at ten in the morning if I had an afternoon shift but because of that, I got up two hours earlier than usual, as a result, I felt LIGHT-HEADED and GRUMPY

-What's worse was, at work, I was REPRIMANDED by our head nurse because I couldn't focus on my work for the entire shift on that day since I was terribly sleepy.

-If Had I known that the noise would cause so much trouble, I could have slept in my friend’s house the night before the renovation.

-But anyway, it did happen so I'd just put it down to experience.

Vocab and idioms used in this IELTS speaking topic are:

-Every now and then– Very frequent

-Least of my worries– a problem that is less of a concern than another one.

-Little does someone know – used to say that someone does not know that something is true.

-Clanking – a loud and sharp noise

-Swing shift – afternoon shift

-Hit the hay – go to bed

-Light-headed – dizzy

-Grumpy – bad-tempered and irritable

-Reprimand – to tell someone officially that they’ve done something wrong.

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