Describe a practical skill you learned.- IELTS MASTER

Recent IELTS speaking topic: Describe the practical skill you learned.

You should say:

-What this skill was?

-When you learned it?

-How you learned it?

-Why do you think it was important?


Vocab and idioms used in this IELTS speaking topic are:

-Over the moon= Very happy.  

-crack of dawn= Very early in the morning.

Sample answer of Describe a practical skill you learned:  

-With concentration and continuous practice, anyone can learn any skill in a short span of time.

-I have also learned many skills. There is one practical skill which I learned when I turned 18. It is/was driving skill. Here I would like to talk about that skill.

-Before turning 18, my father used to drop me at school.

-I wanted to be independent by driving anywhere by myself, but due to the minimum driving age limit, I could not do that.

-When I turned 18, my father gifted me a new bike and offered to teach me how to drive. 

-I was OVER THE MOON when I heard that. After that, I used to wake up at CRACK OF DAWN to practice driving.

-My father taught me everything step by step.

-As my father is a skilled driver, he taught me everything in detail and made me aware of rules to be followed while driving.

-Within three months, I became able to drive on the road and applied for a driving license.

-That skill was really important for me because whenever I wanted to go somewhere, my father had to drop me. I didn't want to trouble my father.

-I wanted him to concentrate on his work without much worrying about me.

-Nowadays, I go anywhere on my own without troubling anyone.

-I even drop and pick my mother from her desired destination. 

-Moreover, this skill has really helped me in saving my time because instead of taking public transport, I ride my bike to reach my destination. 

-This is a really useful practical skills. I think everyone should learn this skill.

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