Describe a place where you can relax | Recent IELTS speaking topic.

Recent IELTS speaking topic: 

Describe a place where you can relax.

You should say:-

- Where it is?

 -When you like to go there? 

 -What you do there?

 -Why you like to visit there?


Vocab and idioms used in this IELTS speaking topic:-

Stone’s throw away - Nearby place.

Rejuvenate - 

Pull each other’s leg - To make fun of others.

Sample answer:

-The best place in the world is a place where the person is able to relax after a very hectic schedule of his daily life.

-When I am extremely tired after relentless Hours of regular work, the only place I really want to go to is a nearby park.

-This Park is at STONE’S THROW AWAY from my house.

-This park is quite spacious so it doesn't feel crowded even with so many people. Normal parks are highly crowded but not this one.

-I like to go there because of this park many trees and different types of plants and flowers.

-The diversity of plants and flowers makes his park an amazing place because I have always loved nature and when I see plants, flowers, and birds I just feel really blissful and grateful and it rejuvenates my mood.

-The aura and the refreshing environment that I experience there is just unmatched by other parks.

-This park also has a big lake with different types of fishes in it and many people come there to do fishing.

-Apart from this it is the place where I meet all my friends in the evening.

-So, the Park is not the only thing which helps me to relax but it is my friends who are also with me to improve my mood as I really love to talk with each other and plan and discuss the things and also love to PULL EACHOTHER’S LEG.

-I never miss the opportunity to go there. It doesn't matter what the situation is  I always try to find some time to go there. 

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