Describe a long car journey you went on | recent IELTS speaking topic.

Recent IELTS speaking topic:

Describe a long car journey you went on.

You should say:-

-Where you went?

-What you did at that place?

-With whom you went there?

-Why you went on that journey by car?


Vocab and idioms used in IELTS speaking topic:-

-Ants in one's pants - Be extremely restless, uneasy, impatient

 -Crack of dawn: very early in the morning

 -Full of beans: energetic

 -Exhausted: very tired

 -Renowned: Famous

 -Delighted: Pleasant

Sample answer:-

-I usually prefer to travel either by train or plane in case I have to cover the long route because these modes help me in saving plenty of time.

-However, last year we all cousins gathered up and decided to spend our holidays differently.

-We decided to have a journey with our own vehicle. We had ANTS IN OUR PANTS while making the decision.

-To have a long journey, everyone agreed to visit Goa in our car. The plan was to start the tour of my home.

-That's why everyone reached at my place at 8 in the morning. As my duty was to cook breakfast for them and some snacks for the trip, I had to wake up at CRACK OF DAWN, but I was FULL OF BEANS because we were finally executing our plan.

-The journey started at 9:30 and we all took turns to drive the car. Moreover, everything was preplanned so that we won't face any hurdles during our road trip.

-Due to the huge distance of Goa from my place, it took almost 2 days to reach there. When we reached there, we all were EXHAUSTED.

 -Resting for a few hours seemed a good option for us. After that, we went to different beaches.

-There were many RENOWNED beaches which offered us the opportunity to go paragliding, banana boat riding, and scuba diving.

-In addition to this, we attended a headphone party where people party hard without disturbing the peace of the area.

-We also attended headphone party in which people party hard without disturbing the peace of surrounding areas. 

-We all really had DELIGHTED experience. After spending a week there, we returned by our car.

-When we reached home, our parents could not believe that we did only have a journey in our car but also enjoyed it instead of feeling tired.

-We all cousins were also glad that we decided to have this different experience in our lives.

-If I get a second bite at the cherry, I would not miss the boat and glad to be there with my family.

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