Describe an advice you received on your subjects or work | Recent IELTS speaking topic.

Recent IELTS speaking topic:

Describe an advice you received on your subjects or work.

You should say:

- Who advised you?

- What advice did he give?

- Were you happy with the advice?

Vocab and idioms used in this IELTS speaking topic are:

-Piece of cake - an easy task

-Armchair expert - A person who knows a lot about a subject, but has little or no experience or real understanding of it

-Perplexed -  confused 

-Herculean task - difficult task


Sample answer:

-Taking advice from others is not a PIECE OF CAKE because there are many ARMCHAIR EXPERTS who want us to follow their guidance even though they had never tried that particular thing by themselves.

-That's why I always be careful before asking for advice from someone. However, there are still many people who are ready to give advice even without asking.

 -Same thing happened with me when I was PERPLEXED while choosing engineering field after completing senior secondary school.

-After careful analysis, I decided to opt for Civil engineering as my father is a successful builder in our city and I wanted to join our family business.

-My decision was final and I was confident about it.

-When I was discussing this with my parents, suddenly one of my neighbors visited us for some work.

 -When he got to know that we were discussing choosing an engineering field, he started giving his unnecessary suggestion.

-He advised me that I should opt for mechanical engineering because it has better job opportunities in the future.

-Moreover, he even started sharing contact details of all those persons who can give tuitions to me for a better understanding of difficult subjects.

-When I told him that I was not interested to become a mechanical engineer, he did not stop there.

-He suggested that the profession of Computer engineer is also respectable in society. My parents were also frustrated with his unasked advice.

-Stopping him from talking became HERCULEAN TASK for us. He wasted our 50 mins that day.

-That was the time when I received advice on my subjects. I was not at all grateful for that advice because it was not helpful for me.

-I really believe that instead of taking advice from others, we should listen to our hearts and work accordingly.

-It is the best way to choose the right path in our life..

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