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Hello; in this post, I’m going to discuss what are linking words and the use of linking words or connecting words in the IELTS exam. Let’s begin.




Linking or Transition words are words and phrases which you include to connect different sentences or ideas and to improve the coherence and cohesion of your essay.


What are Examples of linking words?

-First and foremost,


-In addition,


-In summary,


When to use linking words in IELTS?


1. The use of linking words to add information in IELTS writing and speaking: 

In the IELTS writing and speaking the exam you will need to add more information and you it is essential to connect two sentences or add new sentences with the proper use of the linking words. Here is the list of linking words for IELTS writing and speaking to add more information.


Example of such linking words:  

-In addition






-The government should implement heavy penalties on fast-food items. In addition, people, also, should be motivated to eat healthy food.

-Industries also need to invest in improvements and innovations in order to remain successful. Additionally, they also need to invest in improving customer satisfaction to compete in today's materialistic era.

-if youngsters do not admire nations's traditions, then the country may loose its cultural diversity. Moreover, by admiring traditions, grown-ups can instill certain personal qualities. Furthermore, some personal qualities are essential in order to be successful in life.

-Not only do police tend to tell lies, but they are also often found guilty of corruption and crime.


2. The use of linking words To give a list of arguments in IELTS writing and speaking:

Example of such linking words: 

-First and foremost





-In the first place 

-As well as that 

-Last but not least etc.



-There are several reasons for which it is indeed essential for students to take part in physical activities such as sports and yoga. Firstly, by actively participating in sports activities students can improve their health and physical well-being. Secondly, the sport also teaches students how to participate and perform in groups Finally, we should never lose sight of the fact that physical activity is, for most youngsters, lots of fun. They actually enjoy it.


- Making youngsters spend a period of time in the army has a plethora of advantages. In the first place, adults can learn to be disciplined. As well as that, by doing military service in the army, they can realize their duties and responsibilities towards society. Last but not least is the point that, when they return to normal civilian life, they will be grateful and praise the decent standard of living.


3. To talk about result in IELTS writing and speaking:

Example of such linking words: 

-As a result

-As a Consequence





-The nation declared an emergency last year. As a result, fuel prices rose and some people started using a bicycle.

-Over the past couple of decades, the level of obesity has increased sharply in many countries.As a consequence, many governments have imposed heavy taxes on fast-food items.

-The lake has flooded several times this year. Consequently, many local residents have sold their property and relocated to cities.

-People are more likely to surf the internet on their smartphones these days. Hence, smartphone manufacturers are focusing more on improving internet connectivity in Smartphones. 

-Funding for animal conservation has been cut in recent years. Therefore, there is more chance that some animals may extinct in the near future.


4. The use of linking words to talk about contrast:

Example of such linking words: 



-In contrast

-in sharp contrast

-In comparison


-Despite the fact that 


-The price of fuel has risen. However, the amount of fuel consumed by consumers has remained relatively constant.

-Living standards have increased significantly over the past couple of years. Nevertheless, the number of people wanting to re-locate to the USA have continued to increase.

 -In India, house prices have increased sharply. In contrast, in Pakistan, they have decreased excessively.

 -Most bikers believe that the speed limit is quite low. In sharp contrast, the average pedestrian believes it is pretty enough.

-The government has been making huge efforts to motivate people to use renewable energy sources. In comparison, so-called famous actors and sports stars are doing nothing to motivate people about the same.

-Despite the significant changes in the global temperature, many meteorologists still deny the possibility of climate change. 


5. Linking words to talk about similarities:

Example of such linking words: 





-Driving a car is one of the most dangerous task which people regularly do. Similarly, going onto the roads on a bike can be fatal.

-In Ghana, the population has escalated as the mortality rate falls but the number of newborn remains high. Likewise, in south Asia, people are living longer and the birth rate continues to increase.

-Governments should focus more on improving armed forces. Equally, they have to make sure that each and every people get the necessary public services.


6. To give examples:

Example of such linking words: 

-For example

-For instance

-A case in  point


-Some form of arts has a vital connection with the culture and tradition of a society.    For example, 'Ghazal' is one form of traditional Indian music that was invented in the 17th century.

-Young people have higher perceiving abilities and can share ideas globally, thus they are better leaders. ICT sector, for instance, is full of fresh minds and considered the most prominent for the growth of a country. 

-Many advertisements display some immoral content, which can be detrimental for society, especially for adults. A case in point, some commercial of perfumes imply that if a boy wears that perfume, girls will flock around him.


7. Using linking words to summarise the information:

Example of such linking words: 

-To conclude

-In conclusion

-To sum up

-In summary


-In conclusion, it is clear that organizational pressure, higher academic and social expectations from children are the causes of anxiety.

-In summary, it can be reiterated that fast-food has become the norm of today's society and homemade foods have taken a backseat.

-To sum up, despite some disadvantages such as adopting harmful habits, and hesitation to adopt further education, advantages of taking a break after completion of secondary school are far significant.

-To conclude, there are many reasons which are responsible for people marrying late and having babies late in life and this is definitely detrimental for families and societies.

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