Describe a uniform ( in school or company) you wear | recent speaking IELTS topic.

Recent IELTS speaking cue card: 

Describe a uniform ( in school or company) you wear.

You should say:

- when you wear it

-who bought it for you

- what is it like

- How you feel about it

recent-speaking-ielts-topic-Describe-uniform-( in school or company)-you-wear

Vocab and idioms used in the IELTS speaking topic:-

-Discriminate: to treat one person or group worse than others

Sample answer:-

-Uniform has always been a great way to give recognition to a person working or studying in an organization or institution.

-Here I am going to talk about a uniform that I used to wear during my school time.

-School uniform is a sign of equality and it also makes students feel that they are a part of something.

-From the first standard to secondary education, I studied in one school, and because of that my uniform remained the same.

-Throughout these years, my parents had always bought me my uniform.

-My uniform contained a white shirt, a blue trousers, a pair of black shoes and a belt. The shirt had a logo of my school but the trouser was totally plane.

-My belt was of blue color in which there was a beautiful design of my school logo on the golden-colored buckle.

-My tie had a pattern of two colors which had yellow and blue stripes.

-I felt really proud of it as I really love this combination.

-White color represents peace and blue represents trust.

-With the freedom of wearing anything, it could lead to INFERIORITY COMPLEX among students because students from different financial backgrounds go to the same school. 

-Only a few can afford expensive clothes. By seeing them, others can also have unnecessary demands from their parents and can cause trouble for them.

-It's really good to have a uniform and I love my school for having such a unique dress code.

-Sometimes when my mother is doing the cleaning stuff, I sometimes see my uniform stored in a trunk.

-Whenever I see this I just have a lot of feelings and memories that force me to think about all those beautiful moments of my school life.

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