Talk about a toy you liked in your childhood | Recent speaking IELTS cue-card.

Recent speaking IELTS cue-card:

Talk about a toy you liked in your childhood.

You should say:

- What was the toy?

- who gave it to you?

- How often did you play with it?


Vocab and idioms used in this cue-card are:

- Pursue- follow or chase (Someone or something)

-In Seventh heaven -very happy

-Mimic- imitate (copy somebody's behavior)

- Decade- Period of ten years 

- Recall- to remember

Sample answer:

-I have always been in love with toys and because of that, I had a kingdom of toys when I was a child.

-I had several types of toys like a remote-controlled car, many action figures, and even some other types of toys.

-But the toy that I loved the most was a Superman action figure.

-It was kinda a small robot that had several abilities.

-It had a music system installed that was able to play the superman theme music.

-Usually superman is a character that can fly in fictional stories with a cape(a long red carpet)behind it. It was also removable.

-My parents were well aware of my love for superman so they gave this to me. It was a great surprise for me as they gifted this on my birthday.

-It was my 12th birthday.

-I didn't even ask about this toy from my parents. They had already planned this for me.

-The feeling I had when this gift was given to me cannot be expressed in words. It was totally an elated moment for me.

-I was IN SEVENTH HEAVEN when I opened that gift.

-I vividly remember, after getting that toy as a gift, I forgot about cake as well as other presents and immediately started playing with THERE AND THEN, but did not let anyone touch it.

-I used to play with it a lot. It was like the best thing that ever happened to me.

-I used to make it fly with my hands and run faster to pretend like it can fly faster.

-As I was extremely careful while playing with that toy, I had it for at least a half DECADE.

-When I grew up, my craze for that toy decreased and I became interested to play outdoor games.

-Last month when my mother took out my all old toys to donate it, I RECALLED all the memories after seeing that same set.

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