Talk about a time when you were with people and got bored.| Recent IELTS speaking topic.

Recent IELTS speaking topic:

Talk about a time when you were with people and got bored.

You should say:

-When this happened?

-Who was with you?

-why you got bored?

- how you handled the situation?


Vocab and idioms used in this IELTS speaking topic are:

- Introvert - Quiet, shy person 

-Renowned - famous

-On cloud nine - very happy 

-Get-together - A short informal social meeting

-Recall - to remember

-Nostalgic - Looking back and remembering old times

- Glad  - Happy 


Sample answer:

-Being an INTROVERT, sometimes, I find it difficult to talk with others without any topic of interest.

-That's why I always make friends with whom I share a common hobby.

-However, despite being with one of my close friends, once I felt extremely bored.

-A couple of months ago, I and my friend Vivek went to the RENOWNED mall which is STONE’S THROW AWAY from my house.  

-Initially, we both enjoyed a lot, but when we were at the food court, some old friends of Vivek surprised him.

-Actually, they were Vivek's friends from his old neighborhood.

-When she shifted home, he lost touch with them. They all were meeting after 2 years and were ON CLOUD NINE because of that surprised GETTOGETHER.

-Everyone started RECALLING old NOSTALGIC moments. Vivek was so GLAD to meet them that he completely forgot about me.

-Even though I was sitting next to Vivek, I was getting bored because all of them were having a conservation with each other.

-In addition to this, I did not know any of those people expect Vivek who was also not paying attention to me.

-As they seemed very happy, I did not want to interrupt them. Moreover, getting out of that place also seemed rude to me.

-Hence, sitting there and watching them talking with each other was the only option left.

-That was the time when I got bored for almost 2 hours despite being with a lot of people.

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