Describe an experience when you played an indoor game with others | Recent IELTS cue card

Recent IELTS speaking cue card: 

Describe an experience when you played an indoor game with others .

You should say:

-What you played?

-With whom you played it?

 -Why you played it?

 -How you felt about it?
  Describe-an experience-when you-played-an indoor-game-with-others

Vocab and idioms used in IELTS speaking exam cue card:-

-Sibling = brother or sister 

-Recall = to remember 

 -Belly laugh = loud, uncontrollable laugh

 -Time of our lives = enjoyed ourselves a lot

Sample answer:-

-When I was a kid, I used to play different indoor as well as outdoor games with my SIBLINGS, cousins and friends.

-Nowadays, everyone has become so busy in life that we hardly get time to spend with each other.

-Last Sunday, we all siblings RECALLED  the time when we used to play different games together.

-We thought to relive all those precious moments. I immediately called my cousins and some of my close friends.

-They also needed some time to relax from their work. So they agreed to visit my home. Although our plan was to play cricket, due to heavy rain we decided to play that same Indoor game which we all loved to play in our childhood.

That game was 'musical chairs'. It seemed crazy to play it at this age, but it was the best way to become a child again.

-We all arranged chairs for the game and my family members also decided to join us. My grandfather handled the mobile to turn off and on the music.

-When the music stopped, we all raced to sit in the available chairs. My brother was the first player to take out of the game.

-The game lasted for 30 mins and my sister won it. While playing the game, everyone was behaving like a child.

-We all did funny tricks in order to sit on the chair.  Everyone had BELLY LAUGH after the game.

-That game was really enjoyable and reminded us of our childhood days when we all used to play this every now and then.

-We all really had TIME OF OUR LIVES that day. No mobile game can replace that indoor game.


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