A time when you did not tell the truth to someone | recent speaking IELTS topic

Recent IELTS speaking topic: 

A time when you did not tell the truth to someone.

You should say:

 -When was it 

- To whom you did not tell the truth 

- Why did you not tell the truth 

-What was the truth 


Vocab and idioms used in IELTS speaking exam cue card:-

 -Mountain out of a molehill: over-react

 -Recall - to remember

 -Nostalgic - wistful

 -Heart out - to the maximum possible degree

 -Cuisines - a style/method of cooking

 -Time of our lives - to enjoy very much

 -Delicious - Tasty

 -Spoil - to ruin 

 -Aggression - angry feeling

Sample answer:-

-I always try to speak the truth because Lie can put us into a dangerous situation.

-However, sometimes, another person does not deserve to hear the truth and we have to tell a lie in order to save ourselves from the danger.

-I also did the same when my friend Rahul, accidentally dropped Rohan's laptop.

-I vividly remember it was the last day of our college. We all got together and started RECALLING  NOSTALGIC moments spent at the school.

-We all ever danced OUR HEART OUT and had TIME OF OUR LIVES. When my friend Rahul and I got hungry, we decided to eat something.

-We took our fav CUISINES and started eating. Then Rohan gave his phone to us so that he can dance freely.

-Rahul and I got busy in eating. One of the dishes was so DELICIOUS that Rahul decided to have more. When he got up, he accidentally hit the table.

-There was Rohan's laptop on the table which dropped on the ground. We both got scared because Rohan had a really expensive laptop.

-We immediately picked it up. Fortunately, it had a minor crack but we know Rohan's nature.

-He always make MOUNTAIN OUT OF A MOLEHILL. We did not want to SPOIL anyone's mood.

-Apart from this, Rohan's AGGRESSION always ends up hurting someone's feelings.

-Suddenly, Rohan's brother came and took Rohan's phone from us, but he did not notice anything.

 -When he gave the laptop to his brother Rohan thought it was his brother who caused the crack on his laptop.

-He started SCOLDING his brother. But we knew those brothers' fight never last long whereas if Rohan had gotten to know that Rahul caused the crack on his phone, he might have insulted Rahul in front of everyone.

-So I decided to hide the truth. Within two minutes both brothers resolved their fight and everyone started enjoying the party.


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