Talk about something that you borrowed from your friend | Recent IELTS cue card

Recent IELTS speaking cue card: Talk about something that you borrowed from your friend 

  • What was it 
  • when did you borrow it 
  • whom you borrowed it from  
  • what you did with it 
  •  why you borrowed it 

Vocab and idioms used in IELTS speaking exam cue card:-
  • Burning midnight oil - working hard  
  •  With flying colors - with great success  
  •  Walking on the air - very happy 
  •  Gloomy - sad and without much hope  
Sample answer:-

 My parents always try to provide me everything I require. 

I don't even need to demand anything from them. 

But there was a situation when my parent were not able to fulfill my want. 

At that time, I borrowed that item from my friend. 

It was the time when I was in 9th Std. 

As my examinations were near, I was BURNING MIDNIGHT OIL to get good marks in every subject.

 Unfortunately, I lost my Mathematics book somewhere. It became very difficult for me to prepare without the book. 

Moreover,that book was not available in the market at that time. 

Sadly, no one in my class was ready to lend me their book as they did not want to waste their day without preparations. 

I was not angry with any of them as they were right at their own place. 

However, I felt GLOOMY  at that time because the Mathematics exam required more preparation. Suddenly one of my neighbors saw me. 

Even though he is one year older than me, we are really close friends. 

When he saw me in a sad mood he asked me about my problem. 

After hearing everything he told me to relax because he had all books of his previous years. 

When he shared that he never sells his old books,I thought to borrow maths book from him. 

As he also studied in my school, his books were similar to mine. He went home immediately and brought that book. 

I was WALKING ON THE AIR when he let me borrow his book. He seemed like an angel to me who came to solve my problem. 

I thanked him for his kindness. After that, I prepared my exams with full concentration and cleared it WITH FLYING COLORS. 

I returned that book after my exam. I will never forget the favor of that angel. 

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