Talk about something you enjoyed doing in a group | Recent IELTS speaking topic

Recent IELTS speaking cue card: 

Talk about something you enjoyed doing in a group.

You should say:

- With whom you did it?

- When you did it?

- How you felt about it?


Vocab and idioms used in IELTS speaking topic:-

- Solo: alone

- Contrasting: to be different when compared

- In the nick of time: at last moment

- Arrogant: Overly proud (negative sense)

- Recall:  remember

- Spoil: to change something good into bad

- On seventh heaven: very happy

Sample answer:-

-Playing SOLO is really easy because we don't expect others to help us and we can use our ways as well as ideas to implement plans, whereas playing or working in a group requires people skills.

-There is a chance of conflicts because of CONTRASTING ideas. Fortunately, I had a positive experience when I participated in a group activity.

-Last year, it was a collage making competition in our collage. I really wanted to take part in that competition.

-I convinced two of my friends to accompany me because it was a team project. My one friend selected pictures for the collage whereas others decorated it.

-My role was to find relevant information and present it in front of the judges. The selection of the team was going to be on the basis of uniqueness, clarity of topic, and presentation.

 -Besides this, it must be completed within 30 minutes. Three of us gave our best in our roles.

-I really enjoyed that thing because, sometimes, due to ARROGANT behavior of group members, the chance of SPOILING the mood increases.

-It had happened with me before but I really loved that group activity because of happily participation of all group members.

-We all followed the instructions. We were not even allowed to borrow anything from others. If anyone forgot any major part of the collage, that person was neither allowed to go outside to bring it nor could borrow from others.

-So, we were really careful about it and had everything with us. We completed our project IN THE NICK OF TIME.

-As the judges were coming towards us, we were getting nervous. However, they were impressed by the choice of pictures and decoration.

-That time I took a deep breath and tried to calm myself to reduce nervousness. I also RECALLED jokes made by my friends so that I don't get too nervous. I liked that my friends were fully supportive.

-I gave my presentation confidently and our group won the competition. We were ON SEVENTH HEAVEN after hearing the result.

-That was possible only because of our teamwork. That was the group activity which I really enjoyed.

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