A time you observed the sky | Recent speaking IELTS topic.

Recent Speaking IELTS topic:

A time you observed the sky.

You should say:

- When you did this?

- Why you did this? 

- How you felt about it?


Vocab and idioms used in this speaking topic are:

-Habitual - doing something very often.

-Recall - to remember something (a fact, event, action, etc,) from the past.

-Nostalgic - looking back and remembering old times.

Sample answer:

-Gone are the days when we used to sleep on the terrace in summers and fell in sound sleep while counting stars in the sky.  

-Nowadays, Ac can be found in every room of the house and no one gets to relive those precious moments.

-Luckily, last month I got the chance to observe the sky in the same way I used to do when I was a kid.

-Actually, as time passed, I also became HABITUAL of sleeping in the AC room and my love for sleeping on the rooftop died.

-However, last month we had an electrical problem in our area. Service providers told it would take at least 36hours to fix the problem.

-Due to the summer season, it was so hot that we all were sweaty at that time. That's why we decided to sleep on the rooftop that night.

-We had a foldable bed for comfortable sleep.

-As I laid down and faced the sky instead of a ceiling.

-I RECALLED all the childhood memories. I could not stop myself from looking at the sky. I observed the sky for at least 30min and felt so relaxed while doing so.

-The sky, star, moon, everything had some story that my grandmother used to tell me when I was a child.

-Moreover, I have always been fascinated by different constellations and that day I saw “Saptarshi” constellation in the clear blue sky.

-Apart from this, that day I also saw a shooting star and according to a belief if we make any wish while watching any shooting star our wish comes true.

-Every moment was still refreshing in my mind. I realized I have grown up so early and have forgotten to CHERISH the precious moments of life.

-While reliving all the NOSTALGIC memories had a great sleep that night.

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