Describe a place full of color | Recent IELTS speaking topic.

Recent IELTS speaking topic:

Describe a place full of color.

You should say:

-Where is it?

-How you know about it? 

-When you been there?

-What you did there?

-Why you think it is colorful?


Vocab and idioms used in this IELTS speaking topic are:

- Astonished-surprised 

- Stone's throw away-nearby

- Spacious-having a lot of space 

- Spick and span- neat and clean 

- Mouthwatering- Tasty 

- Fascinating - extremely interesting

- kith and kin - friends and relatives

-Amiable - Friendly 

Sample answer:

-Even though my favorite color is black, I never forget to admire other colors.

-I have been to many places that are built with a different color combination.

-The place which has ASTONISHED me the most is 'Rainbow cafe'.which is recently opened STONE'S THROW AWAY from my house.

-I got to know about this place when my friends visited Rainbow café and shared pictures of this place on their Whatsapp status.

-I was AMAZED to know that such a wonderful place was available near my home.

-Ten different color combination is used in different areas of that place.

-Rainbow Cafe is not only SPACIOUS but also SPICK AND SPAN. I visited there last month with my friend to celebrate his birthday.

-We were happy with their service. After cutting the cake, we ordered some dishes which were MOUTH WATERING.

-Apart from this, the staff of that place was also AMIABLE and provided everything on time.

-Another thing which amazed us was that the employees were wearing clothes related to the color of that area in which they were serving to their customers.

-As we were sitting in the area where red, black, and yellow color was beautifully used, waiters attending us were also wearing the combination of those colors.

-We happily spent at least three hours there. When I reached home and shared about that FASCINATING place with my family, they also agreed to celebrate my brother's birthday there.

-I have read its reviews on Google. They have shared that there is also a facility for arranging huge get-togethers.

-Due to its huge space, we won't face any difficulty even if we invite our all KITH AND KIN For the celebration.

-That is really a wonderful place. I salute the thinking of its creator.

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