Describe a person who likes to travel by plane | Recent speaking IELTS topic.

Recent speaking IELTS topic:

Describe a person who likes to travel by plane.

You should say:

- Who this person is?  

- How do you know this person?

- Where this person travel to?

- Why this person likes to travel by plane? 


Vocab and idioms used in this cue-card are:

- Myriad- a lot 

- Wee hour- between 1:00 Am and 4:00Am 

- Crack of dawn -very early in the morning

- Over the moon- very happy

- Astonished -surprised 

- Amiable- friendly

- Amenities- facilities

Sample answer:

-Nowadays, in order to commute from one place to another, MYRIAD ways are available.

-The mode of transport entirely depends on the distance required to cover.

-If the destination is miles away, mostly middle-class people travel by train whereas traveling by plane is a luxury that only rich people can afford.

 -However, I personally know a person who does not travel by plane because he is rich, but he really enjoys the journey spent on the plane.

-He is my neighbor Mr. Singh. Actually, his job is in New Delhi while his family lives in Punjab.

-As he doesn't want to leave his hometown, he has not shifted to New Delhi.

 -Every Saturday he takes flight in WEE HOURS and reaches his home at CRACK OF DAWN.

-On Sunday, he again takes flight in order to return to his job. Despite living away From his family for weekdays, he always seems OVER THE MOON after meeting the family members on weekends.

-As Journey by plane has reduced the distance between his hometown and office place, it has become his favorite mode of transport.

-In addition to this, he shared that whenever he travels by plane, he always feels comfortable.

-The thing which has ASTONISHED me the most is that before settling for one airline, he has tried and traveled in different airlines to find the best one.

 -Moreover, traveling every weekend also gives him a discount and he knows almost all the staff on different flights.

-Mr Singh shares that crew, there, is AMIABLE and try their best to take care of the needs of passengers, does not matter whether they are traveling for the first time or 100th time.

-Apart from this, whenever Mr. Singh plans to spend vacations with his family in another city, he always chooses this mode of transport.

-Hope I also get a chance to travel by plane and enjoy its AMENITIES.

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