Talk about a newly built public facility that improves/influence local life quality in your city | Recent IELTS cue card

Recent IELTS speaking topic: 

Talk about a newly built public facility that improves/influence local life quality in your city.

You should say:

-What is it?

 -Where is it?

 -How you feel about it?


Vocab and idioms used in IELTS speaking exam cue card:-

-Amenities - facilities 

-Sedentary lifestyle - a lifestyle which involves little or no physical activity 

-Juvenile – youngster

-Previously - earlier 

-Stone's throw away - nearby 

-Over the moon - very happy  

-On Cloud nine - very happy 

-As Fit as a fiddle - healthy 


Sample answer:-

-India is a developing country.

-The government tries to provide different AMENITIES for the betterment of its citizens.

-It has also provided a public facility recently which has improved the local life quality in my city.

-The newly built park in the heart of my city has influenced the life of people in a positive way.

-Previously, the people of my city had a SEDENTARY LIFESTYLE.

-Some of them wanted to do something to improve their health but was not getting any motivation.

-When the government built a park in my city, people started going there to do a morning and evening walk.

-Moreover, instead of spending time on social networking sites, many juveniles have started playing games in the park.

-PREVIOUSLY there was an empty place where people used to throw garbage.

 -People who live STONE 'S THROW AWAY from that place, used to have so many problems with it.

-Nobody thought the government would take such initiatives and will use such a place for the betterment of local people. It has been completely changed.

-When I got to know about this change from my friend, I was OVER THE MOON because my friend lives nearby that place but I really disliked visiting her home due to the unpleasant smell.

-Apart from this, when I heard about the development, I decided to go there daily with my grandparents for the morning walk.

-They were also on CLOUD NINE when I shared this news with them. Everyone in my city is very happy with this change.

-Nowadays everyone exercises daily in that park to be as FIT AS A FIDDLE.


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