Talk about a gift for which you spent long time to choose/make | Recent IELTS cue card

Recent IELTS speaking cue card: 

Talk about a gift for which you spent a long time to choose/make.

  • What it was  
  •  To whom you gave it  
  •  How he/she felt about it  
  •  Why it took a long time for you to choose  
Talk-about-a-gift for-which-you spent-long-time to-choose

Vocab and idioms used in IELTS speaking exam cue card:-
  • Kith and Kin = friends and relatives  
  •  Bosom friend = close friend 
  •  Through thick and thin = through difficult times and situations 
  •  Cost an arm and a leg = v expensive 
  •  Perplexed = v confused 
  •  Recalled = to remember 
  •  On seventh heaven = v happy 
  •  Glad = happy 

Sample answer:-

-Receiving a gift makes us excited as we wonder what can be in the present whereas selecting gift in order to give others, sometimes, become HEADACHE because we don't always know the choice of another person.

-That being the reason I always let my parents buy gifts for our KITH AND KIN.

 -However, when it was my BOSOM friend Ram’s 's 21th birthday, I wanted to gift her something unique.

-As he is  from wealthy family, he had all the best things of life which made me so confused while buying gift for her that I spent an entire week to choose a unique thing for her.

-Actually, Ram is always there THROUGH MY THICK AND THIN and we became good friends within a month of our meeting.

-In order to show my love to him, I wanted to gift him something which he can never forget. Week before her birthday, I went to the market to buy something for her.

-Initially, I thought to purchase stylish and trendy clothes for Ram, but when I remembered that she only wear branded clothes which could COST ME AN ARM AND A LEG if I buy for him, I dropped my idea.

-After that, idea of purchasing cosmetic was also cancelled when I got to know about the cost of him preferred products. It had been four days and I still had not bought anything for him.

-I was very PERPLEXED at that time. Suddenly something came to my mind.

-Once when I invited ram for the dinner at my home he liked the mango pickle made by my mother.

-Actually, my mother has a dab hand in cooking and everyone likes pickle made by her. So, I decided to gift him mango pickle made my by mother.

-I immediately went to my mother and told her about my decision.

-My mother praised my decision of gifting homemade thing rather than readymade product

-My mother made 2kg fresh mango pickle and I packed it in a big gift box.

-On his birthday, when he opemed my present, he was as happy as lerry by seeing his favourite mango pickle in a box.

-He thanked me a lot and started eating there and then and forgot about cutting cake.

-I was glade that he liked the present which took me almost a week to choose.


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