Describe a difficult challenge that you completed/met | recent speaking IELTS topic.

Recent IELTS speaking cue card: 

Describe a difficult challenge that you completed/met.

You should say:

-What was the challenge

-when and where did you complete/met it

-why was it difficult

-how you felt about it?


Sample answer:-

-Life is all about challenges that happen at every stage of our life, but real life begins when we show the guts to face them and conquer them.

-Here I am going to talk about a challenge that I accomplished. Basically, the challenge was to become fit by losing body fat.

-Actually, I was almost overweight a bit while ago, not exactly obese but still chubby.

-Being in such a shape was really embarrassing for me as it made me look older than my current age so I decided to challenge me to lose fat and become AS FIT AS FIDDLE.

-To accomplish this challenge, it was UTMOST essential to do exercise regularly so I joined a gym which is STONES’S THROW AWAY from my house.

-Moreover, I had hired a personal trainer to guide me through the process.

-He gave a workout regime along with a diet plan according to my health.

-My challenge was to lose 5 kg weight in 2 months but in a healthy way.

-This was quite challenging for me because I wanted to just shed away the fat.

-In order to do so, incorporating exercise was really important but what happens is when we start exercising, our body goes through a lot initially.

-As a result, I felt really exhausted and tired in the begging but later I adapted the change.

-However, the most challenging part was the diet as some of the favorite foods especially sugary foods were totally eliminated.

-Honestly, I had food cravings every day but my trainer really motivated me through the process.

-After 2 months of consistency, I lost almost 6 kgs of weight which was beyond what I had worked for.

-I was looking slim and even I had a more youthful appearance after this.

-My confidence, my body language my glow all went high.

-The feeling I had after accomplishing this cannot be expressed in words.

-It was totally  elated and blessed moment for me.

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