Describe an unpleasant job you did | recent IELTS speaking topic.

Recent IELTS speaking topic: 

# 12 Describe an unpleasant job you did.

You should say:-

 -What was the job?  

 -When you did it?

 -Why did you find it unpleasant?

 -How you felt about it?


Vocab and idioms used in IELTS speaking exam cue card:-

 -Piece of cake - an easy task  

 -Utilise - use

 -Crack of dawn- very early in the morning 

 -Scolding- to speak angrily 

 -Generous - kind

 -Cry baby - who cries frequently

 -Dominant - ruling

 -Arrogant - overly proud (negative)

 -Nephew - Son of brother/sister

 -Extrovert - Socializer

 -Amiable- friendly


-Working under someone is not a PIECE OF CAKE.

-However, to do a job, we have to follow our seniors' instructions and work accordingly.

-Good bosses help employees to grow whereas an unhealthy work environment causes troubles to workers.

-The later thing happened with me when I did a part-time job at my uncle's place. He has a small business.

-When I had summer vacations, I wanted to UTILIZE my time by gaining some skills.     When my uncle offered a part-time job to me, I could not say no to it.

-I could not only earn money but the chance of getting experience was also there. The job was of cashier but as it was a temporary job, I did not mind doing it.

-I vividly remember, on the first day of the job I woke up at CRACK OF DAWN so that   I could get ready and be on time on the job.

-On the very the first day, the manager gave me a lot of work to do. Since it was my first   day, I got confused. I neither knew what to do nor how to do it.

-When I asked the manager, he told me to wait for him but after 1hour, he started   SCOLDING me for not doing any work.

-Without knowing anything, how would have I done it? Still, I searched on the internet and asked the colleagues about the work.

-They were GENEROUS and helped me in starting my work. As my maternal uncle was not in town for a month, I could not share anything with him.

-Even I did not share the incident with my parents because I did not want to be a CRY   BABY instead getting work experience was my motive.

-However, I used to fed up with DOMINANT and ARROGANT behavior of the manager. He did not know that I was his boss's nephew.

-I just kept noticing his behavior and waited for my maternal uncle to return to the city.

-Apart from this, my co-workers, became my friends due to my EXTROVERT nature and AMIABLE behavior.

-They also shared that the manager often misbehaves with them and put his mistakes'   blame on workers.

-When my uncle returned I shared everything with him. He fired the manager immediately.

-That was the unpleasant job which I did, even though I did it for a month only.

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