Describe a time when you were excited | Recent speaking IELTS topic.

Recent speaaking IELTS cue-card:

Describe a time when you were excited

You should say:

- Where you were?

- When it was?

- Who you were with?

- Explain why were you excited?

recent-speaking-ielts-topic- Describe -time-when-you-were-excited

Vocab and idioms used in this cue-card are:

-Amazement - surprise

-On seventh heaven - very happy

- Ant's in the pants - not  able to keep still because of excitement

-Plethora – several

- A Cherry on the cake – additional benefit

Sample answer:

-To be honest, most of the time I feel excited because what I believe is that life is a one time game and we should live our life to the fullest regardless of the situation.

-Still there have been some situations in my life when I felt extremely excited.

-Actually I wanted to buy a mobile phone for which I had been collecting money for the past few months.

-I wanted to buy a phone from a very well know brand known was "One plus".

-It was about a month ago when finally the dream phone had been launched for me to buy.

-I ordered that mobile from the online shopping website ‘Flipkart’ and got id delivered within 2 days.

-I was ON SEVENTH HEAVEN when I the phone which I had always dreamt about.

-I had ANTS IN MY PANTS while unboxing that mobile phone.

-I had a PLETHORA of the reasons to be really excited.

-The very first thing was that I had sacrificed all my things to collect money.

-Secondly, I bought my dream phone on my own without getting money from my parents.

Thirdly, I got free headphones with that mobile phone which I considered CHERRY ON THE CAKE.

And obviously, the main reason was to buy such an advance and latest flagship gadget.

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