Describe a time when you were cheated | Recent speaking IELTS topic.

Recent IELTS speaking cue card:  Describe a time when you were cheated.

You should say:

-What the situation was?

-Who was involved?

-Why they did not tell you the whole truth And explain how you felt when you found out that you were not told the whole truth?


Vocab and idioms used in IELTS speaking topic:-

- Down in the dumps: Sad

Sample answer of  Describe a time when you were cheated:-

-I have experienced several situations in life including me being cheated by others.

-And most of the time these are our well-known people like friends and relatives.

-Similarly, here I am going to talk about a situation when I was cheated by one of my friends who had been with me for about 4 years

-Actually, about 4 months ago I was absent from College and there was an important assignment given to us that day.

-The assignment was absolutely important to deliver the next day for my final scores.

-In the evening I did a long conversation with my friend and I asked her is there anything important to do for tomorrow and her calmly replied that nothing special. 

-As I was not in a condition to ask for more details because of my fever and also I just trusted her and didn't even bother myself to call someone else.

-But I was totally shocked the next day when everyone was submitting assignments to the teacher including my friend.

-I asked one of my other friends that what these students were submitting he told me and explained the assignment given by our teacher.

-I was played that by one of my known ones.

-This really broke my heart and this was the time when I was cheated. I felt DOWN IN THE DUMPS

-I never thought my know one could take such type of paths just for the competition.

-Actually, she has been jealous of me sometimes due to my studies but when I called her I was thinking that she wouldn’t ill-inform me in case of anything regarding academics since these are really important for my career.

-That day I realized that people could follow any necessary path just to surpass others.

-This was such a great lesson for me that made me realize that I should always be confirming everything by myself rather than relying on others.

Since then I have been very careful about my friend selection


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