Describe a time when you got lost in a place you did not know about | Recent speaking IELTS topic

Recent IELTS speaking cue card: #15  Describe a time when you got lost in a place you did not know about.

You should say:-

-who was with you?

-what did you do ?

-How you felt about it?


Vocab and idioms used in IELTS speaking exam cue card:-

-Solo - alone

-Decade - ten years

 -House warming -  a party that you have when you have just moved into a new home

 -Sibling- a brother or a sister

 -Nook and corner -  everywhere

 -Stone's throw away - nearby

 -Uttered -  Speak

 -Vendor - a person who sells something

 -Bittersweet moment - a mixture of happy and sad

Sample answer:-

-Nowadays, due to advancement of technology, it is easy to have SOLO trips to unknown places because now it has become easier to search for anything on the internet. 

-However, it was not possible even a half DECADE ago. I vividly remember I, once, got lost at an unknown place.

-Actually, my paternal; uncle shifted to a new house so my family visited there for the HOUSE WARMING party.

-In the evening, I started playing hide and seek with my SIBLINGS and cousins. It was my favorite childhood game.

-We even used to play this game at paternal uncle’s old house but we were familiar with every NOOK AND CORNER.

-On the other hand, even my cousin did not clearly know the directions to his new house.

-Even though we were playing at a place which was STONE'S THROW AWAY from the new house, in the process of hiding in the game, I didn't realize when I went to the unfamiliar place.

-I just hid there quietly.

-When even after 10 minutes no one was able to seek me, I decided to have a peek at others.

-Only then I realized that I might have lost touch with my cousins. As I was young at that time, I got so scared and started crying.

-Many people from the neighborhood gathered there and started enquiring about me. On seeing strangers, I got more scared and could not utter a single word.

-I started praying to God to help me get out of that unknown place. Luckily, I saw my cousin and my paternal uncle coming towards me.

-They were there to find me because kids were not able to locate me for 10 minutes.

-When I reached home, I got to know that I was just two blocks away from my uncle's home.

-When I hid there, no one was at that place but due to evening time, some VENDORS started getting there.

-That's why I was not able to find my way back home. It was a BITTERSWEET MOMENT of my childhood days.

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