Describe one time when the weather changed your plan. | Recent speaking IELTS cue card.

Recent IELTS speaking cue card: 

Describe one time when the weather changed your plan.

You should say:

- When this happened?

- Where you were?

- What kind of weather it was?

- Explain why you could not finish the thing

- What you did at the end?


Sample answer:-

-By making and implementing plans, we can do anything on time because planning helps us in balancing our schedule.

-However, sometimes, we have to change our plans because of different reasons.

-Here, I am going to talk about a time when the weather changed my plan. Last Sunday, I decided to BINGE WATCH my fav show.

-Being a student, I am always busy with my studies.

-For a change, I decided to spend my Sunday just by watching my fav sitcom 'Taarak Mehta ka ooltah chasmah'.

-As it was the winter season, the weather was cold. So, I slept in my blanket. But when I finished just the first episode, my mother called me.

-My mother told me that the weather had changed and it had become a bright day.

-When I went outside, I was also amazed by the sudden change in the weather. It was such a pleasant day that I changed my plan.

-Instead of Watching sitcom, I decided to play an outdoor game with my sibling. Due to the winter season, we were not getting any motivation to do exercise.

-However, with a change in the weather, we decided to do little physical movements by playing some outdoor games.

- We played a game which we used to play when we were child. That game was hide and seek.

-We recalled many nostalgic memories of our childhood by playing this game.

-We both enjoyed ourselves for 3 hours. 

-Now I mostly remain inside my blanket whenever I am at home but that was the time when the weather changed my plan.

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