Describe a time when a family member asked for your help | recent IELTS speaking topic.

Recent IELTS speaking topic: 

# 11 Describe a time when a family member asked for your help.

You should say:-

- When it was?

- Who asked you for help?

- How you helped?

- How you felt about it?


Vocab and idioms used in IELTS speaking exam cue card:-

-As happy as leery:  very happy

-All in all:  At the end, overall

-Elated: very happy

-Astounded: surprised, amazed

Sample answer:-

-Believing that we don't need anyone's help and we can do everything by ourselves is really a stupid thing. It is not possible to do everything alone.

-However, by helping each other, we can achieve everything.

-I am lucky that people connected with me are very helpful. I also try to help others whenever required.

-Well, teaching is a good profession which helps us, people, to gain respect in human society.

-A teacher should have effective opinions, ideas, and enough knowledge about subjects.
It is a way of sharing our knowledge with others 

-So here I would like to talk about a time when my elder brother needed help with how to use a software named MS PowerPoint. I describe it briefly.

-When my younger brother was a school going child, then, his computer teacher gave him a presentation on a strange animal penguin.

-He also recommended him to prepare it with the help of MS PowerPoint.

-Unfortunately, he did not know how to run this software.

-So, he requested me to show him how to make a presentation in MS PowerPoint and he was AS HAPPY AS LARRY when I said yes to him.

-I taught him to step by step and told him to follow my instructions. Within 30 minutes, he prepared this presentation with my help.

-After it, he gave a class presentation in a perfect manner. Even his teacher was so ASTOUNDED after seeing it.  Also, he gave good compliments to him.

-That day, my brother told me about his presentation in class.

-He seemed very happy. After seeing a smile on my face, he felt highly elated.

-All in all, that was the time when a family member, of course, my brother needed help with how to use MS PowerPoint.

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