Describe a successful small business that you know | Recent speaking IELTS topic.

Recent speaking IELTS topic:

Describe a successful small business that you know.

You should say:

- What the business is?

- Where is it?

- Who runs the business?

- Why do you think it is successful


vocab and idioms used in this

- Piece of cake: easy task

- Flourish: grow

- Set up: to establish

- Renowned: famous

-Get hitched: get married

- Cherry on the cake: additional benefit

-Adolescents: teenagers

-attire: clothes 

Sample answer:

-Doing a business is not A PIECE OF CAKE.

-It requires dedication, hard work , and sometimes, sleepless nights.

-I also know someone whose business FLOURISHED because of these factors.

-It is the business of my maternal uncle.

-I still remember when I was 5 or 6, everyone was very happy and distributing sweets among family members because my maternal uncle started his own business.

-He SET UP his shop where he used to sell readymade clothes.

-Initially, he struggled to get new customers, but by exploring different places to keep stock of a variety of stylish clothes, his business became RENOWNED in the locality.

 -Apart from this, when he GOT HITCHED, his wife also showed her interest to involve in the business.

-As she had an interest in fashion designing, it worked as CHERRY ON THE CAKE.

-They both started using their own unique designs in clothing which was loved by -everyone.

-Moreover, their business has become well known in Surat that, nowadays, they are considering to employ more manpower to handle the customers.

-As they sell clothes of all age groups, their customer base is also huge.

-But their collection of ADOLESCENTS' ATTIRE is what I love the most.

-I believe it is a successful business because the majority of people prefer to buy clothes from their shop. I hope they keep growing like this.








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