Describe something difficult you would like to succeed in doing | Recent IELTS speaking topic

Recent IELTS speaking topic: 

Describe something difficult you would like to succeed in doing.

You should say:

 -What it is?

 -Why is it difficult?

 -What would you do to achieve it?

-Explain why you want to achieve it?


Vocab and idioms used in IELTS speaking topic:-

-A piece of cake - an easy m, task 

-Crack of dawn - very early in the morning

-Herculean task - difficult task

-Sedentary lifestyle - Which involves little or no activity

-Obese - fat

- Productivity - output 

- Couch potato - a lazy person

- Myriad - A lot

- Habitual - Doing something very often

 Sample answer:

-Only by setting goals, we can get ahead in our lives and achieve heights of success.

-I have also achieved many things by setting goals and writing about it in detail in a diary.

-However, there is one goal that I have failed to attain but have hope that I will definitely achieve in the future.

-That goal is to exercise at least five days a week. Although it does not sound too difficult to achieve, sparing even 10min for doing exercise is not a PIECE OF CAKE.

-Whenever I try to wake up at CRACK OF DAWN, my sleep always becomes a hurdle.

-It has become a HERCULEAN TASK for me to find time for exercise. I don't want to adopt a SEDENTARY LIFESTYLE because it does not only make us OBESE but also reduce our PRODUCTIVITY.

-I know many people who are COUCH POTATO and face MYRIAD health issues due to overweight.

-I don't want to be like them. That's why I have divided my this goal into sub-goals in order to make it easy for me to achieve it.

-Firstly, I would try to do the exercise one day in a week and that too for 5min only. After that, I will gradually increase the duration.

-Secondly, I would watch motivational videos on youtube to keep myself motivated. Youtube has a lot of motivational videos about fitness and health.

-I think only by taking small steps, we can become HABITUAL of something. I will try to increase the duration after every week and would definitely become successful in doing exercise 5 days per week.

-I eagerly want to make it my habit because my parents have told me that we won't face health issues later in our life only if we take proper care of our health in our 20s.

-I think it is a great life lesson and everyone should follow this. I hope to accomplish this goal as soon as possible and be AS FIT AS A FIDDLE.

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