Describe a situation when you were not allowed to use your cell phone | Recent speaking IELTS topic.

Recent IELTS speaking cue card: 

Describe a situation when you were not allowed to use your cell phone.

You should say:

-Where were you?

-When was it?

-Why were you not allowed?

-What did you want to do with your cell phone?


Vocab and idioms used in IELTS speaking topic:-

- Addicted: unable to stop doing something as a habit

 - cherish/adore: surprised

- Fed up: tired of something

- Deprived: to keep something away from someone

- Indispensable: very important (so that it is not possible to be without it)

- Nostalgic: the feeling of pleasure and also slight sadness

- Blabbermouth: who likes to talk a lot

- Enthusiasm: a strong feeling of excitement

- Time of our lives: enjoyed ourselves very much 

Sample answer:-

-Nowadays, everyone has become so ADDICTED to technology, especially, mobile phone,  that they have forgotten to CHERISH the time spent with a loved one.

-Almost everyone can be seen busy in cell phones even at the celebration of an event.

-However, I vividly remember when it was the birthday of my paternal uncle and all our family members were invited.

-We were ASTONISHED when our paternal uncle told all of us to give our smartphones to him.

-He was really FED UP with the fact that smartphones have made people really dumb and DEPRIVED of their loved ones.

-That being the reason he did not want to allow cell phones at his birthday party. Even though we all agreed with this condition, we were really getting bored without our mobile within 30 minutes of the party.

-We all tried to discuss with each other, but we were not getting any interesting topic.

-That time we realized that technology has become an INDISPENSABLE part of our lives.

 -Moreover, we have started depending on it so much that many of us lack social skills because of it.

-However, my uncle told us to REVIVE all the precious moments which we had in our childhood.

-After remembering all those NOSTALGIC moments, I recalled that I was really a BLABBERMOUTH and loved to share everything with my loved ones with full ENTHUSIASM.

-In the starting of the party, I wanted to use mobile in order to click pictures and post on social networking sites whereas after realizing my ADDICTION to phone, I, along with my family, decided to enjoy ourselves to the fullest.

-We all had TIME OF OUR LIVES by playing different games and dancing our hearts out.

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