Describe a program or app in your computer or phone | Recent IELTS speaking topic.

Recent IELTS speaking topic: Describe a program or app in your computer or phone.

You should say:-

-What is it

-How often do you use it

-When and where you found it


Sample answer of Describe a program or app in your computer or phone:-

-With the advancement of technology, our lives have become so convenient that we can do our multiple tasks within a short span of time.

-Applications available in our mobiles are also beneficial in increasing our productivity. Here, I would like to talk about one of those applications which I use daily.

-That application is WhatsApp. It is so common that all my KITH AND KIN have installed it.

-I use this not only for communicating with my near and dear ones, but it is also helpful in sharing important documents with them.

-There is a feature called live location tracking using which we can track the real-time location the people in our contact list.

-In addition to this, the feature of video calling lets us talk with any person in our contact list regardless of their location. I just need an internet connection to use this application

  -Apart from this, there have been many times when WhatsApp has saved my precious time.

-Once I was in my friend's home for group study. Unfortunately, I forgot my important notes at home.

-As my home was at least 30min away from my friend's home, we thought it would be a wastage of time to return to my home to get those notes.

-Luckily, we got an idea. My mother clicked pictures of those notes and sent it to me on WhatsApp. After that, we printed those pictures and saved plenty of time.

-Besides this, I have many WhatsApp groups through which I get in touch with my many friends. We all friends have made a WhatsApp group in which everyone shares funny pictures and videos which work as a stressbuster for me.

 -There is also a family group through which we all family members share all BITTERSWEET moments.

-This application has proven as BOON to humankind due to its MYRIAD benefits.

Vocab and idioms used in the IELTS speaking topic (Describe a program or app in your computer or phone) :-

 -Kith and kin - friends and relatives

 -Bittersweet experience = An emotional feeling that is a mixture of both happy and  sad

 -Myriad- a lot

 -Boon - a thing that is very helpful and that you are grateful for

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