Describe a product made in the region you come from or a popular product from your hometown.

Recent speaking IELTS topic:

Describe a product made in the region you come from or a popular product from your hometown.

You should say:

-What is it?

-What is it used for?

-How is it made?

-Why your country makes it?


Vocab and idioms used in this IELTS speaking topic are:

-Renowned = famous

-Souvenir  = something that you keep to remind you of somewhere you have been on holiday or of a special event

-Kith and kin = friend and relatives 

-Delicious = Tasty  

Sample answer:

-India is a diverse country and each state of India is famous for its unique products. Like Gujarat is famous for ‘Patola’, Rajasthan is known for its “Handicraft items” whereas Kolkata is famous for “sweets”.

-The place where I live is really RENOWNED for many things. Tourist from different places visit here and buy many things as SOUVENIRS.

-The most well-known thing about my place is its Pickle. There is nothing like an Indian Pickle.

-It always helps in spice up the meals. There are many of my KITH AND KIN who always buy pickles as a souvenir when they visit us.

-Moreover, seasonal pickles like cauliflower and carrot pickles are also famous which are available only in winter.

-There are also some evergreen pickles like Mango, filled red chili and lime pickles which are available at affordable prices.  

-My mother has a DAB HAND in cooking and everyone in our family loves pickles made by her.

-Even though my mother knows how to make a variety of pickles, I never bothered to know about its proper ingredients.

-I am always keen to eat it with my meals because it makes every dish more DELICIOUS.

-It entirely changes the taste of a dish if taken alongside that item. As it always makes boring food tasty to eat, the majority of people love to have it.

-That being the reason, it is really famous not only in my city but also in my country.

-I know many people who have shifted abroad but always crave to eat pickle because pickle with Indian taste is not available in any corner of the world.

-Now, I am also planning to move abroad for study purposes. I think I will also miss this while eating any food.

-This is the product which is made in my region and really popular in other places. It will always remain close to my heart doesn't matter wherever I go.

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