Describe a place where you read and write (not your home) | Recent speaking IELTS topic.

Recent speaking IELTS topic:

Describe a place where you read and write. (not your home).

You should say:

-What is it?

-Where is it?

-Why do you go there to read and write?

recent-speaking-ielts-topic-Describe-place-where-you-read-and-write-(not your home)

Vocab and idioms used in this cue-card are:

-Sibling: a brother or a sister

-Extensive: large in amount

-Deadline: a time or date before which something must be done or finished

-Burning midnight oil: working hard/ working late into the night

-Luxurious: expensive

-Organized: to put or arrange things into a system or logical order

-Amiable: friendly

-Cherry on the cake: additional benefit

-Downtime: not working or active

-Unwind: to relax after hard work

-Isolation: alone

-Stress buster: to alleviate stress

-Myriad: a lot

-Spacious: having a lot of space

-Abundance: more than enough

Sample answer:

-When I was young, I used to study in the living room with my SIBLING.

-When my parents placed TV in the living room, it became difficult for us to concentrate on our studies.

-Then I started studying in my school library which had EXTENSIVE study material, but it had a fixed time.

-Luckily, in order to promote education, our society opened a public library which is 24*7 available.

-It is a noise-free and so peaceful place that one can fully concentrate on study.

-That's why I like to read and write there.

-I try to discipline myself to go there every day at least a couple of hours a day in order to do some work free of other distractions, but obviously, if I have an important DEADLINE, I spend the almost entire day there BURNING MIDNIGHT OIL.

-Even though that library does not have LUXURIOUS furniture, society members try to keep all things ORGANISED and clean.

-In addition to this, the librarian is AMIABLE there who always tries her best to help others.

-The CHERRY ON THE CAKE fact is, almost all types of books are available there.

-Instead of buying new ones, we often issue from there which saves us plenty of money.

-Sometimes I go there when I need some DOWNTIME to UNWIND. When I sit there in ISOLATION, it works as STRESS BUSTER for me.

-I have completed a MYRIAD school assignments there.

-I am really thankful for our  society which provided us a SPACIOUS library where everyone can gain an ABUNDANCE of knowledge.


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