Describe a person who taught you something important | recent speaking IELTS topic.

Recent IELTS speaking cue card: 

Describe a person who taught you something important.

You should say:

- Who the person is?

- what he/she is like?

- what he/she taught you?

- How you felt about him/her?


Sample answer:

-With concentration and continuous practice, anyone can learn anything. 

-In case of any difficulty,  our elders' experience always helps us.

-Similarly,  my father helped me in learning an important skill when I turned 18. He taught me how to drive.

-Actually,  before turning 18, my father used to drop me at school.

-It was quite frustrating for my father to drop me at school every day as He is working in a multinational company and he always runs out of time.

-When I turned 18 my father wanted me to be independent so he gifted me a new bike on my 18th birthday. I was OVER THE MOON by getting a bike as a birthday gift.

-Moreover, he offered me to teach me how to drive. He is a really open-minded person.

-He believes that everyone should change according to time.

-Even though he didn't get his vehicle until he was 30,  still wanted me to buy one because it has become a necessity to learn the driving skill. In emergencies,  it can help us majorly.

-Thus, he taught me everything in detail and made me aware of the rules to be followed while driving. 

-Within three months,  I became able to drive on-road and applied for a driving license. 

-Nowadays, I go anywhere on my own without troubling anyone. I even drop and pick my mother from her desired destination.

-Moreover, this skill has helped me in saving my time because instead of taking public transport,  I use my vehicle. 

-This is a really useful skill. I think everyone should learn it.

-I am really grateful for my father that he taught me this important skill very efficiently.


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