Describe a person in the news that you want to meet | recent speaking IELTS cue card.

Recent IELTS speaking cue card: 

Describe a person in the news that you want to meet.

you should say:

- who he or she is?

- why he was on T.V?

- How do you know about this person

- why you want to meet him?


Vocab and idioms used in IELTS speaking topic:-

- Ins and outs: detailed information

- Underprivileged: poor

- Amazed: surprised

- Impoverish: poor

- Fairweather friend:  a person whose friendship cannot be relied on in times of difficulty

- Generous: Kind

- Miss the boat: miss the opportunity

Sample answer:

-I believe we all should have INS AND OUTS about what's happening around the world.

-This is possible through news from different sources.

I- also try to get updated about my surrounding through the news.

-A couple of days ago, when I was watching the news, there was information about a person, Mr. Patel, who donated his entire wealth to different charitable organizations and has started providing education to UNDERPRIVILEGED people.

-Because of his good deeds, he was in the news. Apart from this, I was AMAZED to hear that he was worthy of 10M dollar and was living a luxurious lifestyle. 

-In the interview to the news channel, he shared that his money is of no use if he can't help IMPOVERISH people.

-This quality impressed me and had a positive influence on me.

-Now I have a keen desire to meet him so that I can learn some of his traits.

-I don't know why I, sometimes, expect from others to do the same which I did for them But people disappoint me.

-I have also realized that there are many people who are just FAIRWEATHER FRIEND. Instead of helping them, it is better to help a poor person.

-At least he won't backstab me. I got to know that he is also from Punjab, but not from my hometown. 

-I really want to meet this GENEROUS person and thank him for his kind step towards humanity because he changed my perception towards reality.

-If I get a chance to meet him, I will not MISS THE BOAT.

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