Describe a new skill you want to learn | Recent IELTS speaking cue card

Recent IELTS speaking topic:

Describe a new skill you want to learn.

You should say:
-What it is ?

-How would you earn it ?

-Where you can learn it ?

-Explain why you want to learn?

recent-speaking-topic-Describe-new skill-you-want-to-learn

Vocab and idioms used in this IELTS speaking topic are:

-TALK THEM ROUND - to convince someone


-CHERRY ON THE CAKE - additional benefit.

Sample answer:

-With concentration and continuous practice, anyone can learn any skill in a short time of span.

-I have also learned many skills, but there is one skill that I want to learn in the future.

-That skill is driving skill. I want to learn how to drive a car.

-Actually, no one in my family knows how to drive a car. So, mostly we visit different places by public transport or a two-wheeler.

-I want my family to travel together in the car.

-That’s is the reason I want to learn this skill.

-Even I learned how to drive a bike when I turned 18, my father never let me drive a car because he thinks I might not be able to handle it properly..

-I have tried my best to TALK THEM ROUND and they have given me permission to learn this skill.

-Luckily, a driving training institute has opened at STONE’S THROW AWAY from my house.

-One of my friends enrolled there and learned that skill. Within one month he became able to drive in traffic.

-When I asked him about his experience with that institute he told me that all the staff members are very amiable and talented.

-Moreover, he shared that they are offering a 50% discount for the students who want to learn this skill.

-That thing worked as a CHERRY ON THE CAKE for me.

-I immediately went there and enrolled myself for the upcoming batches.

-My training will begin in the month of December.

-I’m eagerly waiting for that day.


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