Describe an important journey that was delayed | Recent speaking IELTS topic.

Recent IELTS speaking cue card: 

Describe an important journey that was delayed.

You should say:-

- Why was it important? 

- What caused the delay?

- What happened at the end?


Vocab and idioms used in IELTS speaking topic:-

-Renowned: famous 

-Delighted: extremely pleased 

-explore: to travel around a place etc. in order to learn about it

-Crack of dawn: very early in the morning 

-Stone's throw away: nearby

Sample answer:-

-I believe that everyone should spare time to EXPLORE different places. 

-Even my family loves to do so. Once a year, we all make a plan to visit new places.

-This year we planned to visit all RENOWNED Hindu religious places of Gujarat. We all were really DELIGHTED to visit there. We decided to cover the distance by car.

-This was in July and it was a really important journey for us because we all family members usually remain busy in our work most of the time.

-Only in July,  everyone gets some free time to enjoy properly with family members.  Moreover,  at the end of July, my brother was moving abroad for higher studies.

-We didn't want to miss the opportunity to spend that precious time together because my brother would be away for at least three years.

-The journey started at CRACK OF DAWN.  We decided to visit "Nilkanthdham temple" at first. 

-Suddenly,  our car stopped working 7km away from our destination.  Even though my father has proper knowledge about how to handle a car break down, that day it was really hard for him to find the problem.

-At last, he googled about nearby mechanics, and luckily there was a repair shop STONE'S THROW AWAY from that place.

-Still, it took 1 hour to solve the issue. Just after 3 km from there, we got to know that there was work under construction and we had to travel by alternative path.

-That means spending an extra 3 hours to reach our destination which was not a good idea.

-My brother really wanted to take blessings from "Nilkanthdham temple" before moving abroad. Besides this, my grandfather wanted to take us there so that we keep connected with our roots.

-If we continued the journey,  it would have been really tiring for my father to drive. However,  we decided to visit only one Hindu religious place that day.

-Everyone agreed with this decision.  As we reached really late in the evening, we decided to stay there for a night. 

-Still, we all were happy that we enjoyed that day even after our journey delayed.

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