Describe a goal that you achieved which was set by you | recent speaking IELTS topic.

Recent IELTS speaking cue card: 

Describe a goal that you achieved which was set by you.

you should say:-

- What it was?

- When did you set it?

- How did you achieve it?

- Explain how it influenced your life?


Sample answer:

-By BURNING MIDNIGHT OIL, anyone can achieve whatever he wants. There are many successful people who have attained many things by working hard.

-I have also achieved many things in a similar way. One of my goals was to reduce stage fear. It is the incident of last year.

-I don't know what happened to me, one day, I just decided to CONQUER my all fears.

-Stage fear was one of them. In order to reduce it, I decided to take part in the extempore competition.

-In this, the candidate is required to give a speech on the topic given THERE AND THEN.

-I knew that I was not good enough to win that competition because I could not talk on a topic without preparations, but, as I already said, my goal was not to win the competition but to reduce my stage fear.

-It really needs GUTS to speak on stage in front of everyone. I decided to do so. Thus, I gave my name to the competition. Just before the starting of the contest, I had COLD FEET.

-It became difficult for me to continue it and I was thinking of giving up. That time I RECALLED all those times when I tackled my hurdles and achieved my goals.

-My friends also encouraged me by saying that it is OK to feel nervous but giving up should never be an option.

-That time I gathered courage and decided to give a speech on the stage. Although I was a little nervous when it was my turn, I tried my best.

-Even though I didn't win the competition that day, the goal of removing stage fear was accomplished which I set for myself.

-It influenced positively in my life and now, I don't feel fear in doing public speaking.

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