An incident when you missed an appointment | recent IELTS speaking topic.

Recent IELTS speaking cue card: 

An incident when you missed an appointment.

You should say:-

-What the meeting was it?

-When was it?

-What did you do about it?

-How did you feel later?


Vocab and idioms used in IELTS speaking topic:-

- Dilemma- sad  

- Herculean task- difficult task

- Ecstatic- very happy

Sample answer:-

-I live a very disciplined life and most of the time I am punctual. But sometimes I am unable to do work on time because of me being lazy sometimes or some unexpected situations arrive that hinder the process. Here, I am going to talk about a time when I missed an appointment.

-Actually, I had an appointment in the faraway city which was about 6 hours away from my home town.

-It was my interview for the job that I had been looking forward to for a very long period of time.

-I was going through a bus that day. The bus, I guess, had covered only one-third of the passage when it stopped.

-Actually, the wind started blowing at a very fast pace because of that it became a HERCULEAN TASK for the driver to drive the bus.

-I had already seen that the weather conditions would not be suitable for travel but still, it was very important for me to travel as it was my interview so i was not left with any option rather than going.

-The appointment was for the dream job that I had worked very hard for.

-Actually, it was a gaming company in which I had applied for the junior artist.

-Finally, after several months of work, I had gotten the opportunity to be interviewed.

-I was supposed to reach there by 11 o'clock but due to weather conditions the bus had to stop for like 2 hours, there was no option left for me to go there.

-Even if I had selected any other sort of vehicle, I would have still not been able to go there. I was in a DILEMMA at that time.

-Therefore, I did not waste any time and contacted the company and explained the whole station that had happened and why I would not be able to attend the appointment at the given time.

-Fortunately, I was lucky enough that they understood my station and told me that they would take my appointment a bit later as they also knew about the weather conditions.

-I was ECSTATIC to hear that because I had worked really hard for this job and the very last night I had prepared all my documents.

-I had also made sure that I was taking everything with me especially my projects and assignments that would really impress them.

-Luckily, after 2 hours the weather was totally clear and I reached the place about 2 hours later.

-They conducted my interview and it went very well.

-This was the time when I almost missed an appointment but still due to their co-operation I was still able to attend it even though I was a bit late.

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