Describe an advertisement that you remember | Recent speaking IELTS topic.

Recent IELTS speaking cue card: 

Describe an advertisement that you remember.

You should say-

- What was it?

- When and where you saw it? 

- What happens in it?


Vocab and idioms used in the IELTS speaking topic:-

-The cherry on the cake – additional benefit

-Gigantic - massive

Sample answer:-

-I have always been interested in watching advertisements because it really helps me to know about the latest updates, new things, and stuff.

-Similarly here I am going to talk about an advertisement that I remember well.

-Actually, about 6 months ago I wanted to purchase a mobile so I was constantly searching for a mobile phone.

-Then I suddenly saw a digital advertisement that my computer started showing.

-The beauty of digital advertising is that it shows only that content which is according to the user's interest.

-That's why I have always relayed on digital adverts.

-As I was looking for a mobile phone so this advertisement was totally based upon my interest as my previous mobile phone had stopped responding.

-It was a 3D animation based advertisement in which different graphics were used to elaborate on all the features of the mobile phone.

-A CHERRY ON THE CAKE thing was that it showed me some coupon codes for an additional discount.

-I was able to get a GIGANTIC 20% discount through this.

-it was very attractive to see mobile phone features in action like storage, camera and battery backup, etc.

-It was really pleasurable for me to watch the content because of the way it was shown.

-I was able to see all the features of the phone in a well-mannered way. I was specifically looking for a camera centered mobile phone.

-The advert highlighted all the features of the camera.

-i clicked on the advertisement and it took me to the website where a detailed banner of the advert was shown with all the highlighting features.

-It was totally worth it and I immediately decided to buy this mobile phone online.

-I even subscribed to that advertisement agency for every sort of new products and discount codes.

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