Describe a volunteering experience you have had | Recent IELTS speaking topic

Recent IELTS speaking topic: Describe a volunteering experience you have had.

You should say:

What it was?

Where it was?

Why you volunteered?

 How you felt about it?


Sample answer of Describe a volunteering experience you have had:

-To be honest, I don't like it when someone COMPELS me to do something.

-I find it difficult to give my 100% in such situations whereas when I volunteer at any place, it always leads to PRODUCTIVE results and make me happy.

-It reminds me of a time when I VOLUNTEERED at my friend Rohan's home. I VIVIDLY remember the brother of Rohan was GETTING HITCHED.

-Being my BOSOM friend, he invited me to join the function. When I went to his home, I saw that two of Rohan's cousins were having a QUARREL.

-Actually, they made a MOUNTAIN OUT OF A MOLEHILL and returned to their respective homes. Even though Rohan tried to RESOLVE their issue, it was like his words were FALLING ON DEAF EARS.

-The situation was OUT OF CONTROL. Instead of reducing the burden, those cousins left Rohan alone when he really needed them.

-As I could not see my friend all alone, I offered to volunteer at the wedding. I took the duty of welcoming all the guests.

-My friend's father always liked my AMIABLE nature. He was even happier when I called my brother to help. My brother picked the guests from the railway station as well as the airport.

-Apart from this, I also checked twice whether the catering service was satisfying the arrivals. Fortunately, everyone was happy with the cuisines provided.

-It became really HECTIC because there were so many people and I was doing this for the first time.

-However, I was happy that my little ASSISTANCE helped Rohan's family to enjoy the wedding. I did not know volunteering experience could give me so much satisfaction.

Vocab and idioms used in IELTS speaking exam cue card:-

Fall on deaf ears = no one listens to it

Making mountain out of a molehill = Overreact

 Get hitched = Get married

 Productive = efficient

 Assistance = Help

 Quarrel = an angry argument

 Amiable = Friendly

 Compels = forces

 Vividly = Clearly

 Hectic = busy

 Bosom friend = a very close friend

 Amiable = friendly

 Resolve = settle

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