Describe a time when you took a risk that may have gone wrong, but turned out well

Recent IELTS speaking topic : 

Describe a time when you took a risk that may have gone wrong but turned out well.

You should say:

  • What it was ?
  • When you took it?
  •  Why it turned out well?

Vocab and idioms used in IELTS speaking exam cue card:-

-Hindrance: an obstacle

-Cost a fortune: to cost a lot of money

-Hectic: busy

 -Out of the blue: suddenly

- Elegant: stylish

 -Dilemma: confusion

 -Worth a shot: trying as there is some chance of success

- Knows no bounds: have no limits

 -Detrimental: harmful

Sample answer:-

-Taking risk is scary, but without taking risks we cannot change ourselves which becomes HINDRANCE in growth.

-I have also done some risky things in my life. Here I am going to share about a time when I took a risky decision which might have COST ME A FORTUNE.

-A few months ago, it was my cousin's marriage. However, due to the HECTIC schedule, I couldn't get time to buy a new blazer.

-OUT OF THE BLUE, I saw an ad of an ELEGANT blazer when I was browsing the internet for work purposes. It was an ad on a shopping website.

-I really wanted to wear that blazer at my cousin's wedding. Then I recalled that two of my friends Rohan and mayur also had ordered a few items from the same website.

-I quickly called them and we had a conference call.

-When I asked about the review of the website, Rohan shared He loved the experience and still buys electronic items from that particular website whereas mayur told me that the website's service was not good.

-He even warned me to never buy shoes and watch from that website. It put me in a DILEMMA. 

-As both friends bought totally different items and had different experiences, I could not decide whether buying a blazer from the website was WORTH A SHOT.

-Anyhow, I took a risk and purchased the items. The riskier thing was 'cash on delivery' option was not available. I had to pay every penny in advance.

-I was too scared at that time because I spent nearly my months' earnings on a blazer, and I wasn't even sure about the delivery. Fortunately, I received my blazer on time and it was the same as shown on the website.

-My JOY KNEW NO BOUNDS. This was a chance that I could face the DETRIMENTAL impact of my decision, but all turned out well.

-There were still a few items delivered by that website, which customers did not like. 

-If my blazer had the same results, I had to wear old and simple clothes at my cousin's wedding. However, all is well if the end is well.

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