Describe a mistake you have made | recent IELTS speaking topic.

Describe a mistake you have made | Recent IELTS speaking topic.

You should say:
  • -What it is?
  • -When you made it?
  • -How you made it ?
  • -How you felt about it?


Sample answer of describe a mistake you have made:-

  • TO ERR IS HUMAN. There is no one in the world who never makes a mistake.
  • I have also made many mistakes. One of them was when I purchased expensive shoes from a website despite being warned by my father.
  • This thing happened last year. It was my cousin's wedding. However, due to the HECTIC schedule, I could not get time to buy a new pair of shoes.
  • OUT OF THE BLUE I saw an ad of an ELEGANT shoes when I was browsing the internet for work purposes.
  • It was an ad on a shopping website. I really wanted to wear those shoes at my cousin's wedding.
  • I shared this thing with my father, but he refused to let me buy shoes from a new website because cash on delivery option was not available.
  • He thought we might find it difficult to return and got a refund in case of not getting relevant shoes.
  • This thing made me sad. But instead of dropping the idea, I ordered the shoes without letting my father know about it. It was my HUGE mistake.
  • I did not even read the review of that website. I just waited for the delivery of that product. Alas! my mom was right. That website gave me horrible service.
  • First of all, they did not deliver my product on time. I had to continuously call them to get the delivery of my product.
  • Secondly, the shoes were not of my size. They sent the wrong size. But this was not it. The biggest BLUNDER was the shoes they showed on the website.
  • My Joy DIED DOWN. I was so TERRIFIED to share this with my father because it COST ME A FORTUNE to buy it and I spent half of the savings on it.
  • However, I had to share this with my family. They SCOLDED me and tried to find a way to get a refund, but the website had no return, No refund policy.
  • I REGRETTED my decision. Even though my parents bought me new shoes for my cousin's wedding, I still get AGGRESSIVE whenever I recall that incident.

Vocab and idioms used in this IELTS speaking topic :-

  • To err in human - all people make mistakes
  • Hectic - busy
  • Out of the blue - suddenly
  • Elegant- stylish
  • Huge - big
  • Blunder- a mistake
  • Died down - become less obvious/ stronger
  • Cost me a fortune - to cost a lot of money
  • Terrified - scared
  • Regretted - a feeling of sadness about something that cannot be changed

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